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Terms and Conditions

Sun ‘n’ Fun Tours always wants to give you the the highest quality and service possible. Therefore we want to give you clearly our terms and conditions to avoid any miscommunication.

Cancellation or changes

  • 1.a If you need to change your plans or cancel your trip, we need at least 48 hours before realizing your tour a written communication (through whatsapp + 52 1 998 330 32 77) or through our e-mail
    We will contact our providers immediately to see what changes are possible.
    A change might involve an additional cost, depending of the provider, season or reason of cancellation.
  • 1.b Cancellations made 24 hours before the scheduled departure time are subject to a 70% refund.You may cancel your reservation by sending us an e-mail to
  • Please be aware that refund/cancellation requests are processed within one to seven business days. Unfortunately we cannot accept any verbal/over-the-phone request or voice mail.
  • 1.c In the event that online bookings get cancelled by any reason, (wether this by the provider or yourself) you will receive the refunded amount back to the same account or credit card you used to book the reservation.
  • 1.d Everybody can fall ill. When you need to cancel due to illness, we ask you kindly to provide  a doctor’s note in order for you to receive a full refund or to reschedule without penalties
  1. Change of names in the tour or adding additional participants needs to be reported by phone as soon as possible (preference at least 24 hours in advance). It might be possible that tours are already full so we would like to check this for your convenience as soon as possibe.


  • Transactions are made through the Openpay payment platform.

Terms of use

  • Prices published on our Sun ‘n’ Fun tours are only valid at the time of quotation and only guaranteed upon receipt of payment. All reservations are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed until full payment has been received. You can consider a booking as confirmed when you have received your confirmation number and the corresponding charge has been paid. When booking, you consent the use of your credit card for payment, and confirm that you acknowledge and accept our reservation policies, payment and cancellation disclaimer.
  • By completing your reservation you agree to accept the conditions and charges associated with the rate you selected. Currency conversion rates on the Sun ‘n’ Fun tours are in USD and will be converted to the daily exchange rate in your other choosen currency. This means that prices are subject of fluctuations.
  • Credit card charges are subject to additional currency conversions by banks or credit card companies. This may impact the amount charged to your credit card. Keep your confirmation number. It is essential that you provide your voucher printed or in digital version with your full name and show it to every service provider.


  • We do not have direct control over last minute changes of our partners without any prior written notice to us. We do not assume any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident, partial cancellations or delay to person or property due to an act of negligence or any supplier or person rendering any of the services. The purchaser hereby waives any claim against Sun ‘n’ Fun tours related to the service purchased.


  • When purchasing our services, clients promise to give us their correct names.
  • Information we needed : full name of every participant, nationality, date of birth, e-mail and  telephone in use
  • The requested information might be used to contact our clients in case we need to contact them. Our clients can be contacted by telephone, text or e-mail in the event additional information is required to complete a booking.
    We need this information to provide the right information to our suppliers and clients.

Privacy & Security

  • Sun ‘n’ Fun tours takes 100% responsibility in ensuring the privacy of personal information obtained through its on-line services or through phone calls.
  • The security and confidentiality of the data that users provide to contract a service or buy a product online will be protected by a secure server under the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol so that the data sent will be transmitted encrypted to ensure it remains safeguarded. To verify that you are in a protected environment make sure that an “S” appears in the navigation bar. Example: https://. However, and despite counting with more secure tools each day, protection of data transmitted via Internet cannot be guaranteed 100%; so that once received, we will do everything possible to safeguard the information.


  • When the user is on the website, the user will be sharing this information with Sun ‘n’ Fun tours, unless otherwise specified. Sun ‘n’ Fun Tours has no obligation to keep confidential any other information that the user provides through cookies. The foregoing, pursuant to the terms set forth in article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law and article 76 bis, fraction I, of the Federal Consumer Protection Law. Information may be disseminated in special cases only, such as identifying, locating or carry out legal actions against those persons who breach the conditions of service of the website, cause damages or interfere with Sun ‘n’ Fun tours, its properties, other portal users or any person who could be affected by such actions.
  • Sun ’n’ Fun Tours will NOT sell, giveaway, furnish or rent confidential information to third parties. If the user does not want his/her data to be shared, he/she may dispense with a specific service or refrain from participating in some promotions or contests. Sun ‘n’ Fun Tours will NOT share confidential information with third parties, unless it receives expressed authorization from its clients or when a court order is required to comply with certain procedural regulations.
  • Safeguarding children’s information is extremely important, so the data requested will be minimal to provide the services that are offered to this sector. It is recommended that parents and guardians advice minors when surfing the Internet and approve any type of personal information to be sent.
  • Admendments to Privacy & Security terms:
  • Sun ‘n’ Fun Tours reserves the right to perform at any time, changes in the present PRIVACY  & SECURITY terms and adapt them to legislative developments, case law, as well as market practices. It is the user’s responsibility to read the PRIVACY & SECURITY terms regularly in order to be aware of such changes, which as soon as they are introduced on the website will come into force automatically.
  • This agreement will be fastened and will be interpreted in agreement according the laws and the courts of the Federal District, Mexico.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Sun ‘n’ Fun Tours?
    We are a mixed mexican and european team. This makes it possible to offer you the best deals with european standards and puntuality. You get what you pay for in fully trust!
  • Can I order other tours with you?
    Yes, we have specialized partners to provide you all kind of tailor made tours in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.
    Feel free to visit the website of our prefered partner:
  • Where is your office located?
    We have an office in Puerto Morelos where we will be happy to meet you to give you more personal information of all the possibilities of our tours. You can pay your tours in cash or with credit cards (charges apply). We can provide these details on request.
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